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RE: Euro Light Performance Questions?

> > Gentlemen,
> > I am thinking seriously about upgrading to Euros and
> > have a couple
> > questions: I realize the pattern is much better that 
> > but have a
> > couple concerns about the brightness.
> >
> > Do they blind oncoming drivers where the oncoming
> > drivers "flash" their
> > brights alot?
> >
> > Does the brightness cause undue attention from our law
> > enforcement
> > personnel that we try so diligently to avoid?
> You're somewhat mistaken here.
> It's not that the Euros are *brighter*, they're just
> better
> focussed than the US lights. So, if they're aimed
> properly,
> they should be far less likely to blind oncoming drivers
> than
> the US lights which are big floodlights.

Speaking of low/dipped beams, yes the properly-aimed 
eurolights are *less* blinding than DOTs. Speaking of 
high/main beams, *more* blinding. It's all about focus.

Speaking of law-enforcement attention, I get none driving 
around at night. But then I'm in Idaho. A couple of months 
ago I was just about to turn into my cul-de-sac and saw a 
herd of cattle on the road (just on the other side of my 
turn). There was another car coming, so I flashed my highs 
to light up the cows. As I slowly made it to the turn, I 
saw that it was a sherrif's dept cruiser, come to stake 
(steak? :) out the cows. I suppose if my lights were really 
all that blinding he would have blasted though the cows and 
taken me to task.

If you drive in the manner that everyone should drive, 
eurolights really are not a problem. They are useful for 
lighting up left-lane bandits and gratuitous-fog-light 
users, probably doesn't do any good but makes you feel 

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 99k, stock wattage H4/H3
1988 GTI 16v, 186k, stock wattage H4