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loose drivetrain normal?

I asked this question a couple months ago, never got an answer, so here

How much "play" should be expected when the car is jacked up from one
corner, and I rotate a front tire?  I do so, get a "clunk" from the area
of the rear diff...and the tire rotates quite a bit.  During normal
driving, I sometimes can "feel" the play in the system when letting up the

This is disturbing...is it normal?  The car will be going into an
alignment shop that also does drivetrain work, so I might ask them, but I
want the opinion of a bunch of quattro-saavy people first :)

BTW, I don't have an exact measurement for rotation...maybe 1/8th of a
turn?  This is just a guess.

91 200q20v TAP Stg I