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Re: 91 Coupe Q "roof rack" and broken fog light bracket

On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Eric Renneisen wrote:
> Well, I'm guessing you haven't been to my 20V site yet. Go to:
> http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Speedway/3229/
> The roofrack section is under "Upgrades & Enhancements."

Nice website *grin*
[stuff deleted]  

> Gwendolynn ferch Elydyr replied:
> > I don't know about that, but something to be aware of with the 
> > Thule racks is that the bar span is only 18".  This means that 
> > skiis and bicycles are about the limit of what you can carry - 
> > there's no extension kit, so kyacks and canoes are right out!
> All the kits will have the same bar span for the CQ because 
> you are limited by the mounting holes. I don't know the exact 
> distance, but it's far more than 18". Kyacks should be fine, and 
> I think you could get by with a canoe as long as you tie down the 
> ends. I've carried things you wouldn't believe on my Thule.

Having just run outside with a tape measure to check (Yeah, I know ;>)
it's about 27.5" apart, centre to centre (80 cm outside edge to
outside edge, 60 cm inside edge to inside edge)

This is really wonderful, since you need 28" minimum to use the Thule
kyack stackers... 

> I don't cruise the q-list as much as I used to, but it seems that 
> there are at least a few 20V owners here who don't know about 
> the dedicated 20V web site and e-mail list. The instructions for 
> the list are on the web site referenced above. Basically, it's a 
> 20V subset of q-listers and those who couldn't handle the traffic 
> of the "mother list".

I understand completely - the qlist's actually managed to add another
25% or so to my existing traffic! 

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