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Re: Should I buy this 1990 V8 Quattro?

> The car I was planning on buying before driving the Quattro was an early 
> 90's BMW 525i. Any compare/contrast info would be appreciated.
>  >>
>If you by the BMW, leave room in the garage for the winter, you'll need it.

Well, we're in Seattle so our winter is pretty wussy. Two or three snow 
days a year is all, typically.

I hope that I managed to reply to all the list members who very 
thoughtfully took the time to send me their opinions and advice. I 
learned a great deal.

Here's how it shook out:

Mainly because this car had no service records except for the first oil 
change (!) and the fact that the odometer reading isn't trustworthy, I 
did not buy the car. I'm nervous about owning a car that is even somewhat 
likely to have a $6-8K failure. The prevailing opinion is that the 
transmission is a trouble spot, though there are a few people who feel 
that the problems are overstated.

Most people pointed out that the UFO brakes are insanely expensive and 
probably worth replacing with normal calipers and rotors.

Also, the instrument panels have been replaced in many of these cars, so 
the odometers aren't necessarily trustworthy.

Some people mentioned a high frequency of electrical problems.

A number of people are in the no records/no purchase camp for this model.

One reason for very expensive repairs is that just a small number were 
manufactured, and there is little commonality with other Audi models.

All that being said, everyone raves (and I agree) about the car's 
performance, aesthetics, and ergonomics. It's a beauty if you're willing 
to accept the risk, and a ton of car for the money.

So, I did end up getting the 535i after it passed a mechanical inspection 
with flying colors. It's not in the same luxury class to be sure, but I 
have a much higher degree of confidence in its reliability, and it has 
meticulous records (with no serious problems). We'll probably go with it 
for a few years and then reevaluate the Quattro situation. I'm pretty 
sure I'd like to have a Quattro of some kind in the future.

Thanks again -- I understand why you love these cars!


PS - Hi Bart, if you're out there. How's the Carrera treating you?