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Re: 16v swap to 4k...

OOPS! Brain fade. You're right, no 16v Quantums (or is that Quanta?) My mistake of
the day. At least I can make that kind of mistake in public.
Later, John.

JustaxPHX@aol.com wrote:

> >The tranny question is moot. As you have to change the flywheel and install a
> pilot bearing, it should be a drop in in that >respect. You should be able to
> get a Quantum intake and exhaust manifold setup, and run with it.
> Unless you know of a Quantum that came from the factory with a 16v motor, the
> manifolds from an 8v one aren't going to fit ... however, since the original
> question came from someone in the UK, perhaps he should look for a better
> donor since Audi produced and sold a small number of late-model Coupes with
> 16v motors in them for the UK market.   They are not particularly common but
> they *do* exist as I tracked one down five years ago when I contemplated
> performing the same swap ... ended up going with a motor from Techtonics
> instead.
> >I do agree, however, that you could make an 8 valve just about as fast with a
> little effort.
> Me, too.  Unless you can get all the parts you need for the conversion off one
> of the Coupes referred to above, it's a LOT of trouble for only a little
> benefit.
> JG