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Re: CQ - Smell of fuel, hesitation

In message <Pine.BSF.3.96.990122202031.4548q-100000@komodo.reptiles.org> Gwendolynn ferch Elydyr writes:

> > Ten gets you one the crush washer on the high-pressure fuel line was
> > re-used, of the mechanic didn't have the right tools to tighten it
> > properly.
> Well - much to my surprise (and theirs), it turned out that my fuel line
> had somehow managed to rot out in the 15 days between my CQ being in
> their shop, and things starting to leak.
> They cut about 6-8" out of the line, inserted a rubber hose by way of
> replacement, and sent me on my way.

Sounds more like the return line than the feed line I mentioned.
Rubber hose should _NOT_ be used on the feed line.  Various failure
modes can cause overpressure up to 250psi or so.

> ...on that note, is there an easy way to decrease the 'travel' of the
> clutch? It seems like there's nearly half the travel of the clutch to
> fully engage and release the clutch (I may be expressing this badly;>)

It's self-adjusting.  Probably needs bleeding.

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