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NF-Code in 4KQ road-race car running well!

I did get the 'new' engine running in the 84 4000Q road-race car. It's an
NF-Code  lower-end with 2.3L or 2.4L (I think) disp, higher compression and
the piston squirters. It has a new/rebuilt Audi big-valve NF-code head,
head and intake were gas-flowed, ported and polished, serious comp
valve-job, assy, all  by R&R Machine of Londonderry NH, with Autotech
valve-springs and a Schrick 276 cam. Head flows >20 CFM better per-port Vs
stock NF-code head. I supplied a used donor head for experimentation and
testing before they started on the new piece.  I ported the exhaust man and
wrapped it with header-tape, mainly to help keep the intake cool. All held
together with a head-stud kit.

Did the R&R solo and got it running over the Christmas-New Year Holiday
week. Had to fix a long-outstanding CIS problem, but it is starting well
and running well now. Perhaps if the weather is supportive this weekend it
might get out for a blast on the road to see just how strong the new engine