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RE: 91 200tq Distributor 20v

Thanks Phil.  From what I see in Bentley, it involves removing the inlet
manifold in order to get the old distributor out after locking the shaft in
position with VAG 3233.  Seems an interesting project?  I suppose I just
have to get in there and dig.
Anyone else?


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In message <000201be4659$446a3f80$7c0a11d8@johnheath> "John Heath" writes:

> The seals in my ignition distributor are shot.  Getting oil into the Hall
> sensor.  I ordered a new distributor  from Blau but Bentley states the
> to use special alignment tools to replace it.  Any BTDT on this?  How hard
> is it without the tools?

No idea.  The tool is probably VAG 3233 - I have a factory description
of its use on the RR engine.

Let us all know how you get on.

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