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Re: ur-quattro suspension changes (was Wheel rate v. spring rate)

In a message dated 1/23/99 8:10:33 AM US Mountain Standard Time, quk@isham-
research.demon.co.uk writes:

>The official ground clearance remained 125mm throughout.  Seeing both
'before' and 'after' cars in Roger Galvin's garage >is quite an eye-opener.

I'm beginning to think we may never learn even half of everything there is to
know about these cars, despite the fact that you'd think a company of Audi's
size and stature would naturally have kept good records.  I'm amazed at the
number of errors present in the factory's documentation and suspect that
unless somebody starts *seriously* researching this car and its history soon
-- unfortunately, all of the books that have been written to date are likewise
full of errors due to their heavy reliance upon the factory's error-riddled
press kits and minimal original research -- it may be forever lost to history
as the people who were involved with the project start to die off.  What a