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Re: 16v swap to 4k...

JustaxPHX@aol.com writes:
> >I thought there were some 1.8 16V 80 quattro "sport"s from the late 80s.
> >These are 4 door sedans.  However, you can't >retrofit quattro into a FWD car
> >without some serious hacks.
> To my knowledge, there were no 1.8L 16v 80 quattros made but there was a 1.8L
> 8v quattro made in small numbers in '84 and '85 ... I know because it came
> with a 4.45:1 final drive and ultra-short gears, and at one time I was
> convinced I needed to have one for a racecar that I was building.  They're not
> very common, either.

I just checked.  There were 1991 80 1.8L 16V sedans. not imported to
the north American market.  I have severel magazines that had evidence
of this.  The 29 June 1990 Auto Motor und Sport magazine had a review of
it (comparison with the VW Passat 16V which has the same engine mounted
transversely).  The January 1991 Performance Car magazine had an article
comparing the Nissa Primera against the Audi 80 Sport 16V, Ford Sierra
XR4i, Peugeot 405 Mi16, Renault 21 TXi, Vauxhall Cavalier GSi 16V, and
the Volvo 460 turbo.  The March 1991 Car magazine has an Audi ad in the
inside front cover for the 80 "Sport" quattro 16V.

The AM&S and PC articles both have engine photos of the Audi's engine.
In the case of the AM&S article, they had the Audi and the Passat
parked nose to nose with the hood removed, so you can see the differences.

Note that the Audi 80 Sport 16V was offered both as FWD and quattro.
Since these are type 89 cars (B3 platform) the FWD version of the Audi 16V
engine and transmission should be tranplantable to an earlier type 81
car (B2 Audi 4000) without too much difficulties for those in the UK or
Europe.  Finding a donor car is another matter, though.

I am curious whether the 80 Sport quattro 16V used a "standard" 016
transmission (that's used on the 5-cyl Qs) adapted to the 4 cylinder,
or is there a quattro version of the 013?

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