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RE: LIFTERS!! - Pricey??? Am I getting screwed???

Sorry I have no experience w/ the new part #.  I got mine from a local Euro
parts place in the Seattle area.  The name of the place is Autosport Imports
(206) 878-5630.  I remember paying $12 ea.  It sounds as if the mechanic is
either buying from the dealer or marking the price up 100%.  My
recommendation would be to check the vendor list on the Quattro web page at
HTTP://coimbra.ans.net/quattro.html   and call one of the discount vendors.


> The bottom line he wants to charge me about $55 a lifter.  Thats alot in
> materials!  You mention $10 lifters- where did you obtain-   What is your
> opinion on the original pn vs the new lifter suggested for reduced lifter
> noise.  He is quoting the orignal lifter set at bargain $30 apiece.  
> I am I getting screwed?
> Do you have any insight on the new vs old standard pn?