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Re: 86 5000csqt NO BOOST

1. is gauge working?
2. is wastegate stuck?
3. is there a seal or gasket in the turbo body? (I've seen one of these get
brittle and leak on another type of car and it's existence was never even
mentioned in the factory service manual)
good luck
let us know what the problem is

At 2:31 PM 1/23/99, TPSidders@aol.com wrote:
>I have a 86 5kcsqt that I just put a used motor complete with turbo and all
>hard ware from new engine. The problem is that I am not getting any boost, the
>highest reading that I am getting is 1.0 bar sometimes 1.1. I've looked for
>all loose connections on all of the hoses and such. I even went as far as to
>have two reputable dealers look at the car and to no avail. The turbo is
>working according to the dealers but I'm not producing boost. I remember
>someone on the list one time talking about using eyther to see of the engine
>races. How and where do I spray it ?  HELP!!!!!!
>Thanks TPS