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Re: Amsoil

I bet ALL the truckers will be suprised to learn someone's been putting Amsoil
in their engines.  I thought Rotella T (Shell Oil Co.) was the oil of choice
for heavy diesels worldwide.  Heavy diesel and turbo specific additive package
and extended drain intervals for not much more than cheap dino.  I personally
no nothing of Amsoil but am always leery of unbelievable claims made by
"testamonial".  I prefer well established, independent testing labs and
referrals from knowledgable friends.  I used Castrol GTX 20w50 dino for years
in high output motors with NO thermal breakdown as I had experienced with many
other oils.  One brand was like water in only 500 miles. Now I use Mobil 1
15w50 or Castrol Syntec 5w50.  Strict 3000 mile changes.  No oil related
mechanical failures.  I believe frequency of oil and filter changes are single
most important factor in long engine life.

James Accordino 
 89 200TQ 167K
 85 5KT 151K
 87 Ford F-250 460K