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Re: Why use Amsoil insead of Mobil 1?

Mark Stevens wrote:
> Amsoil is 100% synthetic ester, no dino.
No, it's now a PAO like Mobil 1

 Amsoil may not have the
> marketing punch of the major oil companies, but it's one of the main
> reasons the majors even offer synthetic blends.
> Last time I checked, Mobil 1 was 20% ester with the balance being dino.
Thats PAO like Amsoil.

> Years back, Mobil 1 used to have a very small asterisk after their claim
> of 100% synthetic. That caveat stated that Mobil 1 was 100% synthetic
> "exclusive of base carrier oil".  When GM was specifying synthetic oil
> for their Corvette and Cyclone engines, they didn't approve Mobil 1
> until Mobil raised it's ester content from 15% to 20%. Most major brands
> follow this path, they are actually semi-synthetic or para-synthetic,
> meaning they are a blend of synthetic ester and dino.
> Knowledge is half the battle,
> Mark St. Paul, MN
> *local auto parts stores around here sell Amsoil for $4.99/qt vs Mobil 1
> at $4.49/qt