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RE: Why use Amsoil insead of Mobil 1?

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In message <36AA20D9.54BD@PioneerPlanet.infi.net> Mark Stevens writes:

> Amsoil is 100% synthetic ester, no dino. Amsoil may not have the
> marketing punch of the major oil companies, but it's one of the main
> reasons the majors even offer synthetic blends.
> Last time I checked, Mobil 1 was 20% ester with the balance being dino.

>From their web site:

   The Mobil 1 Series motor oils are blends of synthesized hydrocarbon
   fluids (SHF's) and esters derived from petrochemicals. While they
   appear chemically similar to mineral oils refined from crude, they
   are pure chemicals which do not contain the impurities or waxes
   inherent in conventional mineral oils.

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