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Re: Master Auto Works experiences?

>Just got a flyer from Master Auto Works.  The owner says he's a
>"Factory Certified Master Audi Technician."  I seem to remember
>hearing good things about them, that they do excellent work with


IMHO, what this means is that the person use to work at an Audi
dealership, went to AoA training, got certified to work on Audi's during
the time he was employed at the dealership and now, no longer works at
the dealership for various reasons. This factory certified situation
could mean a few things:

1.  He worked at the dealership in the mid/late 80's and is factory
trained to work on the 4k/5k series, he maybe worked on a few 100/200
series during that tenure, and probably even fewer 200tq's, due to AoA
sales of quattro's during that time. He might have seen some of the 12v
V6 now that the 92-94 model years have been out of warranty. Hopefully
he has the tools to work on the V6 engine.  Or, 

2.  He worked at the dealership in the early to mid 90's and was trained
on the "new" 100 series and is familiar with the 12v V6, saw a few
quattros (due to AoA sales), but probably has not worked on a S4/S6 or

Granted this is a generalization, but this has been my actual expereince
of independent shops who say they have factory trained Audi techs.