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Re: TT at car show.

I have heard from my dealer (who is a QCUSA member in our chapter) that the
car is roomy in the front, but that the rear seats are not anything special.
Some magazines say that they are useable ... laughable is more like it,
though they have an angled seat cushion for more "butt room." Also, the
seatback folds down and tucks in, so the cargo floor is flat. Nice touch...
Jon Linkov
'96 A4q
ICQ# 8826028
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From: Jeremiah Curry <jeremiahcurry@sprintmail.com>
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Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 12:37 PM
Subject: TT at car show.

>At the Salt Lake New Car & Truck expo they had a tt on display.  we
>sit in it as it was roped off.  I like the car, but must say it looks no
>better or worse in person than it does in print.  I want this car very
>badly, but I'm not sure I would fit.  (I'm 6'4").  The spectators seemed
>divided between those that said it was like a beetle and too ugly and those
>who thought it was beautiful and wanted one
>Jeremiah Curry