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Re: Why use Amsoil insead of Mobil 1?

There are other things to make synthetics out of - 

In South Africa, there is a large plant that makes synthetic lubes from
natural gas using the fisher-tropsch method (developed by Germany in WWII to
oversome lack of petro fuels).

Here in the good 'ol US, a company by the name of Syntroleum is refining (no
pun intended) that process to make the products economically competitive
with non-syns.  Of course, with this process you get a whole range of
petroleum products from wax (long chain) to gasoline and other light oils.
The product, however is exceptionally pure.  Absolutely no mineral
contaminants.  The lube oils are actually clear - they look like water!
They are very pure, highly hydrogenated oils - very stable, and very high in
lubricating ability.  It will probably be some time before the product hits
the market (although they have joint programs with a number of majors), but
I think the point may be that purity and stability might be more important
than the source of carbon and hydrogen.  

I know some of the folks that work there (they are based here in Tulsa), and
each recommends that Synthetic oils, although providing superior
lubrication, probably will not last much longer than non-synthetic oils.
Therefore, the oil-change interval shouldn't be increased even for
synthetics.  You don't get longer oil life, you get better performance.
What do you guys think?


At 08:58 PM 1/23/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>> Point to the above is you gotta make synth oil from something, and Mobil
>> states they make it from petrochemicals.  Does that mean dino crude?
>> YES, but what else are you gonna make it from, maple tree sap?
>No, that would cost more than it already does...
>Huw Powell
>82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT