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Brospeed Tips

Just thought I'd make everyone aware that the "stainless" Brospeed
exhaust tips I purchased ($40/each) for my A4 a few months ago are
already rusting like a WMB 2002.  To make matters worse, they have some
loose particles inside the walls of the tubing which I cannot get out
save cutting them open.  This makes a god-awful noise loud enough to
scare all but the deafest potential buyers away.  Don't waste your
money.  The tips looked great when I put them on, but look and sound
like &%$! now.

If ayone knows of a company that makes/sells decent 3" polished tips
(weld on) please e-mail me directly.  I need to fix this before the car
gets sold.

'97 A4t
'90 CQ