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Re: Help! 4kq rear window stuck down

If it's the switch, or switches malfunctioning, try bypassing the switch by
jumping the terminals in the switch socket. Don't remember the layout, but one
is the ground (center I think) and top/bottom are up/down.
The front console switches are probably easier to play with.

When you have this done, I will tell you how to fix the switches.

Good luck,


In a message dated 1/24/99 5:05:13 PM Eastern Standard Time,
pajono@compsol.net writes:

<< My 87 4kq power rear window will go down (you can hear the motor going), 
 but it won't go back up, so I'm getting a bit cold and wet!
 Any quick way to get it back up, or suggestions as to the problem? The 
 switch up front no longer works (probably related), so it's the switch in 
 the door that's winding it down...
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