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Re: Why use Amsoil insead of Mobil 1?

James Marriott <marriott@pophost.micron.net>:
>>Uh huh.  Well, they certainly wouldn't have approved
>>of Amsoil at that time, either, because Amsoil 
>>basically said that their oil was *too_good to bother
>>with API certification.*
>Hmmm. Records indicate that 10W-40 Amsoil was >API-approved in '74 or
>>Maybe if they establish themselves as a reputable
>>company with a reputable product someday,
>I can see your point. They're the largest manufacturer >of synthetic
>in the world.
>You an Avi carry the "yesterday" lube torch.
>It's a free country. Do your thing.

I'm *not* referring to 20 years ago.
Lifted off of DejaNews:
AMSOIL Issues  
Author:Kyle Eller <keller@amsoil.com>

To whom it may concern:

Recent discussions in this newsgroup regarding our products and our dealers
 have been brought to my attention. We at AMSOIL decided it was time to
 make a public statement clearing up some of the misunderstandings that
have arisen here.
Current AMSOIL products are not API certified, and they donšt carry the 
API Starburst symbol. The reasons (as Išll describe below) are quite easy
2. We donšt choose to participate in the Starburst program because of
product differentiation. While it may seem that the Starburst symbol would
open our products to more customers, we have no desire to lump our
products in with commodity oils, be they synthetic or petroleum. Some in
this newsgroup have implied that this is a marketing failure, but we
consider it quite the opposite.

Some months afer this, they came out with a lower priced
API certified oil, but still didn't choose to API certify their higher priced oil,
which was the one they made most of their vastly_superior_quality claims for. 
I find their marketing system and heavy reliance on testimonials to be a put- off.  
I'm not saying that their product isn't as good as they say; I *don't know*, and 
that's the point: why take a chance on a company that expects you to accept its
performance claims on little more than its word, especially when alternatives exist which don't?

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