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> 1) Does the banjo bolt have to be replaced so that the hole in the bolt faces
> the incoming hose ?
I should think not.  The fuel hose (oh what the hell is the fitting that
fits around the bolt called) has an interior dimension larger than the bolt
where the holes are.  It's scalloped out so that at the shoulder, it's the
proper size but fuel can flow around the entire circumference of the bolt.
You want to tighten the bolt to its specified torque.

> 2) What does the accumulator just before the filter do ?
It stores fuel pressure between runnings for quick starts.

> 3) Is there a way that I could test it's function.
Yes, it was posted a few days ago.  I can't remember exactly what Phil
posted but it's in the archives.

As soon as Linda finally sends me my parts, I'm replacing everything
underneath the seat (pump, accum, filter and all hoses and such) as mine is
one giant ball of rust as well.

	88 90Q "Hannu" - K+N, new vac hoses, lubed U-Joint, still 0.0 bar....
	88 Golf GTi - PRO Rally