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Re: 16v swap to 4k...

I now have engine shot pictures on the web of the Audi 80 Sport 16V
for all to peruse.


Under "Other items of interest", there is a picture of the 1991 European
model Audi 80 Sport 16V and VW Passat 16V parked nose-to-nose with the
hoods removed.

Those of you with 5-cylinder 20V naturally aspirated engines (90-91 90Q
and Coupe Q) will recognize this as the 4-cylinder version of the same

This is a very interesting comparison of the different arrangements of
the same basic 2.0L 16V engine in the two cars.  Aside from the
longitudinal vs. transverse orientation, note the different intake
manifolds and where the throttle body mouhts to it.  Note the "flat"
intake manifold runners on the Audi vs. the round ones on the VW.  I
imagine that's necessary to clear the hood on the Audi.  Lastly, those
of you contemplating a VW 16V engine swap to a 4-cyl Audi 4000, note
where the battery is on the 80 Sport 16V.  Then you realize you would
have to move the battery from the stock location because the intake
manifold would probably hit it...

There is also another photo scanned from Performance Car magazine
of the 80 Sport 16V.  There is another engine shot, a dashboard pic
and others.  The caption incorrectly states "1.8" as the engine displacement.
The actual is 2.0.  Note that this is a UK market car, so note the RHD
and where the brake master cylinder and reservior is...

Have fun,

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