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Coupe q FS (NOT mine)

Ad in Saturday's Ithaca Journal (NY State):
"AUDI QUATTRO '90, AWD, 5 speed, 6 disc CD changer, phone, 
red/grey leather. All power.  Well maintained. $7900. 257-6168"

I called yesterday, ask for Casey, he says he is the 2nd owner,
car was bought by his Aunt from Claire in MA.  Has 104k miles
and has recently done a lot of work on it.  Has all of the receipts,
manuals and brochures.  It's a 20v.  Area code 607.

My wife will not let me buy it because we need to wait until Fall
when her car is paid for.  It breaks my heart to not even look at
it but I figured someone else on the list might want it!

Ron Roth  Ithaca, NY USA   84 4ks "Heidi" audifan1@aol.com