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Re: Space saver spare tires are a joke

Dear Listers,

If you think that a space saver spare tire is a joke what would you say for
the HUMMER (the USA army 4X4) which does not have a spare tire at all.
They say it does not need it because of the built in tire inflation system
and the specifications of the tires which allow the HUMMER to go for 50 or
60 miles (if I remember well) with a flat.
In 1996 I had three flats on the same time at the same spot with a HUMMER I
was driving.
It was impossible to drive the car back, the tire inflation system blew up,
the tires were cut to pieces after 10miles driving on the road and they had
to bring me a Cherokee and drive the HUMMER away on a flatbed.

I think Porsche has a model or two with no spare tire at all.

Not a very good idea.
One of the cases that a space saver is good enough.

I really enjoy my RS2 with its full sized spare and my ex-CAMEL TROPHY Land
Rover Discovery with its two full sized spares and additional 4 spare tubes
in the tool box.

Regards from Greece
Pantelis Giamarellos