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Re: looking at an '86 5KTQ - advice?

Good god almighty! 180k miles and $4900??? You can find the same car with
probably 60-80k less miles for around $3000-3500. I see them all the time
on Trader Online.


Dana Reed wrote:

> I'm looking for a reasonably-priced awd sedan and saw this car
> advertised for $4900.  180K miles, second owner (put 15K on it), claims
> it's immaculate, literally everything works, always garaged, 1st owner
> babied it, etc., etc.  The mileage seems awfully high but I see there
> seem to be a lot of Audis for sale with comparable miles.  If I get
> serious I'll definitely have the car inspected by a mechanic on the
> website's list, but I'd like advice on what to look out for with this
> particular model.  Also, what sort of "ownership experience" might I
> expect, regarding maintenance?  I've done all my own maintenance for
> years, to the extent of rebuilding engines, transmissions, etc., so I
> can handle much of it myself.  Thanks for any and all replies.
> Dana Reed