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S3 Pic Up at VW Vortex & Other A3 News

Hi All,
    We managed to get some S3 press pics a little early, mostly because we
have quicker turnaround than print media. The details on the car will go up
at a later date, but if you want to see a picture, simply go to our Forums
section in the General Audi forum under the S3 thread.
    The car looks pretty cool. It appears to have A-chassis fitting S4-look
wheels, A6 style euro sidemarkers, A6 style door handles, the Haldex awd
system and HID headlights to name just some of the cool features, not to
mention a cool Recaro interior.
    Also, there is confirmation that the A3 5-door will be available around
the same time. All of this info will eventually make it to the main page
closer to their release, but I wanted to alert you of the S3 pic which is
off the beaten path at the page inside the forums.

VW Vortex