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Re: Should I Buy a 1999 Audi A4 Quattro?

In message <36AC8C7D.140E9D2D@earthlink.net> Neil Bomberg writes:

> However, I am concerned about the overall cost of maintenance of the Quattro vehicle.  The dealer
> indicated that tires must be rotated more regularly on the Quattro version then on the FrontTrak
> version and that it is important to replace all four tires rather than two, if one tire goes bad.  I
> am also concerned about the durability of the system.

Ludicrous.  Tyres need to be rotated _LESS_ often than when one axle
is doing all the driving.  The quattro system automatically spreads
the wear.  Yes, you wind up replacing all four at once - but that's
because they all wear out at once.  I've done 90,000 energetic miles
and still have around 15,000 miles left in my third set of tyres.

What worries me is - is this your dealer's experience?  If so, I would
get my car's four-wheel alignments done elsewhere!  Accurate alignment
has a decisive effect on wear, and it's _NOT_ a trivial job.  Just
"within manufacturer's specifications" will not do.

The quattro system is virtually bomb-proof.  We refer to it often as
"agricultural" - you find weaker drive systems on small tractors.

It's true that some parts can be hideously expensive - but nothing
you're likely to need for six or seven years.

 Phil Payne
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