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Ur-q Big Exhaust ( What do I do)

Well my exhaust system is now really falling apart, and I am going to have to
do something pretty soon.  I know there was someone on the list looking into a
3" stainless exhaust being made.  Did anything happen with that?  What about
the Scorpion exhausts?  I think they are only available in 57MM?  not big
enough?  Do I have an Aluminized system made up in 3".  I hate the idea of
replacing the system every 3 or so years, that's why I love the idea of
stainless.  I talked to B&B a couple of weeks ago and said they would love to
make a system for the Ur-q but do not know of any Ur-q's around them so that
they can make up a template to make systems.  Would like to do something
quickly since it seems every time I drive the car the exhaust falls apart a
little more.

'84 Ur-q
'87 5Ktq