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Re: CIS Light Comes On

Andrew Pawlisz writes:
> The car is an 1988 5KQ.

You don't specify whether your car is a turbo, but here is the
procedure for 86+ 5000S turbo and 200 cars.

OK, locate your fuel pump relay under the dash.  It's the one that has an
empty fuse holder on top of it.  Start the car, drive until you experience
the fault light, then without stopping the engine, put a fuse into the
fuel pump relay  minimum of 4 seconds, then you can remove the fuse.

At this point the fault light will flash a 4-digit code.  The light will first
stay on for 2.5 seconds to indicate the start of code dump sequence, then
it will flash in a group of 4 quick blinks.  Each of the group is one
digit (i.e., 4 blinks is equal to a code value of 4).  The code will then
repeat over and over after that.

You then write down the code.

Put the fuse back in to the relay again to dump the next code, if any,
and repeat this until code 0 0 0 0 is displayed (no more flashes).  You
stop the code dump by turning off ignition.

Tell us what codes you got, and one of us will be able to look up what
it means.

P.S. If you have the Robert Bentley factory service manual all this is
     documented as well as a table of code values and what they mean.

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