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Re: Skyline GT-R, Impreza WRX in US (no audi)

	excellent.  then i *can* own a wrx someday, without
	the major hassles.  kewl.

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Erik R Addy wrote:

]Just read in the March Turbo magazine that GT Motor Corp.(310.224.5085)
]in California is in the process of importing the Nissan Skyline GT-R to
]the US.  Front crash tests are done, side tests should be done by now,
]and EPA stuff is in progress.
]They are also planning to bring the Impreza WRX, Mitsu Lancer Evo IV, V,
]and VI, RX-7's and MR-2's, all in '99 (or so the tidbit made it seem).
]The Skylines should be 49 state legal by the end of the month, and 50
]state by March.  No mention of prices, though.
]Just thought I'd mention it, even if I can't have one (at least now)!

 rocky mullin
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