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Re: Should I Buy a 1999 Audi A4 Quattro?

Neil Bomberg wrote:

> However, I am concerned about the overall cost of maintenance of the
Quattro vehicle.  The dealer
> indicated that tires must be rotated more regularly on the Quattro
version then on the FrontTrak
> version and that it is important to replace all four tires rather than
two, if one tire goes bad.  I
> am also concerned about the durability of the system.

Phil Payne responds:

>Ludicrous.  Tyres need to be rotated _LESS_ often than when one axle
>is doing all the driving.  The quattro system automatically spreads
>the wear.  Yes, you wind up replacing all four at once - but that's
>because they all wear out at once.

Similarly Ti Kan responds:

>The dealer is not being honest here.  If anything, the tires need *less*
>frequent rotation on a quattro because the rear wheels do part of the
>I think the factory recommended tire rotation schedule is the same on both
>FWD and quattro.

Interesting thing is that here in the sunny US where the Audi warranty
covers 3yrs service, I asked for the tyres to be rotated on my '97 A4Q
at the 30K jobbie about 6 mos ago (Rockville Porsche-Audi, Maryland).
The service (!) manager's response was that Audi doesn't cover tyre
rotations past an initial one at 1750 miles (I think he meant 7500 miles).

I didn't push it (or even check into it) since I had made the decision
to change the OEM 205/55's for 225/50's anyway.  But it is certainly
yet another dissenting opinion from Neil's dealer - and from another
Audi dealer at that (not, of course, that that makes ANYTHING 'gospel').

-Mark Quinn