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FS: 89 200q

Hi Folks,
   I've decided (begrudgingly) to sell my beloved 89 200q. I'm gonna
create a simple webpage for it over the next week, but maybe one of you
can save me the time/effort. 
Car: 1989 Audi 200q

Mileage: 188K miles

Factory Options: Pearl White, Sport Seats, and of course Quattro

Modifications: Tap spring/chip mod, Eurolights, SS-Lines, Aftermarket
boost guage, in Dash Kenwood CD player, Sampco Sport IC hose, MM
pads/ate P-disk front rotors. 

Some Recent Repairs (~2years): Clutch replaced, Struts Replaced, Brake
Pressure Accumulator Replaced, Alternator replaced, Starter Replaced,
Steering Rack Replaced, Power Steering Pump Replaced, Clutch MC and SC
replaced, New Rotors/Brake Pads/SS lines, and much much more....but too
lengthy to list. I'll save it for the webpage.  

Extras: 4 Hakkepelita 1's studded, mounted on oem mesh wheels (maybe 6K
miles or so on them), Bentley Manuals, and Audi-key ring. :)

I've spent at leat $4500 over the last two years on repairs. I also have
a ton of receipts, tho not all of them. The car was originally my
father's, so I technically the second owner. Oil changes have been
religiously performed at 3,000 miles. Other list members have
seen/driven the car and may be able to provide unbiased opinions. I
should probably ask them first tho..

Current problems: tired right rear spring, cruise prop-rod, and small
exhaust leak. Body is normal for mileage, never been hit. Small ding in
RR quarter panel, no crease..paint not broken. 

Price; $5000 firm. For the amount of work I've put into the car since
I've owned it, I believe this price is very fair. 

Car is located in Albany NY. E-mail if interested.

-Osman Parvez
Albany, NY