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"car" magazine audi articles

audi can't seem to do any wrong with "car" magazine these days.

over the last several issues "car" has rated the ttq top over the slk and
the gtv, continues to rate the a6 top over the opposition (test of the
1.8fwd against the 520i and the 166) rated the a8 4.2q better than the bmw
740, but not up to the new s-series.  this test made particular note of the
improved handling of the a8 due to the decrease in unsprung weight
(aluminium suspension), and the better performance of the engine compared to
the bmw.  the audi was preferred on handling and performance.  "car" has
been pretty scathing on the new 5-series styling "it is not dating well",
and the 7-series handling "the ultimate driving machine?  not".

also, an interesting comparison on the s4 avant against the legacy gtb.
similar hp, s4 better torque, but a well-written summary of the
differences.gbp10k difference between the two, but the s4 avant was
preferred as an "a" to "b" tool, particularly when the experience of
driving, image and quality was taken into account.  the subie though was
compared favourably on almost all counts.

also confirmation of the "leaks" from audi about the plans for the a4-based
coupe to include an "rs" model, possibly with the v8. not until 2002 though.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q