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Re: 2144 to 2226cc?

Wm. Josiah Erikson writes:
>     I used to own an '83 5-cylinder Quantum that was 2144cc, and the one
> that I have now (the '87 Syncro) is a 2226cc engine. I assume that Audi
> switched at the corresponding time, whenever that was. No? Or was the
> 2144cc engine VW-only or something. I doubt they'd do that. When did
> they switch? Just curious because one of my Audi people told me that the
> only difference in engines between the car I had before and the one I
> have now was the intake manifold and exhaust. Obviously, he's at least
> slightly wrong.

Audi used 2.1L from 1978 to about 1984, and went to 2.2L from 85 and up,
and 2.3Ls began appearing in 1987.  The exact cutover varied from model
to model.

Where similar engines are used between VW and Audi models, you'll find
that their evolution tracks each other.

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