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Re: "evo" magazine ur-quattro articles

	this is confusing... how can there be a '90 urq?
	i figure a 20v conversion is possible for a "20v
	urq" but i thought there was just one set of turbo
	quattro coupes (the urq, as i understand it) and
	these were in the mid 80's.  perhaps they kept on
	making and selling urq's in europe post-'86?

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Eaton Dave wrote:

]the december "evo" magazine has a pretty good spread on ur-quattro's.
]1)	a drive by tony pond in an a2 quattro - the article makes mention of
]kevlar skin which i didn't think made it to the a2 cars.
]2)	quite a good article on buying ur-quattros.  unfortunately there are
]some factual errors in the article which spoil it somewhat, despite
]obviously quite a lot of consultation.
]overall this looks like a very good magazine.  it seems to have gathered
]together a number of the writers form the defunct "performance car"
]the 1st issue had an excellent article on the 20v ur-q rated against the
]ttq.  basically the ttq measured up well in real world conditions, although
]the ur-q was preferred as a driving tool.  late last year graham t. quoted a
]number of observations from the article about the respective differences in
]the handling of the vehicles.
]'95 rs2
]'90 ur-q

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