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Re: Ur-Q exhausts & B+B...

>I talked to B&B a couple of weeks ago and said they would love to make a
system for the Ur-q but do not know of any >Ur-q's around them so that they
can make up a template to make systems.
As some might know, B+B is local to me (in fact, their shop is right behind my
friend's bodyshop) and I've offered to make my '85 Ur-Q available as a
template for an Ur-Q system.  The problem is, 1) they want a stock car so they
can baseline it to determine any performance improvement they've achieved and
2) my car is apart at the moment and I'm pretty sure it's not going back
together in completely stock form.
Since I plan to have a custom system fabbed elsewhere, I haven't looked into
this any further but if they're willing to work with my car in its present
non-running form (or later, in whatever the final form is when I put it back
together), I'm willing to make it available to them for a week or two.   Just
let me know...