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Re: "evo" magazine ur-quattro articles

c a l i b a n writes:
> 	this is confusing... how can there be a '90 urq?
> 	i figure a 20v conversion is possible for a "20v
> 	urq" but i thought there was just one set of turbo
> 	quattro coupes (the urq, as i understand it) and
> 	these were in the mid 80's.  perhaps they kept on
> 	making and selling urq's in europe post-'86?

Yes they certainly did... the urquattro was in production until
1991.  The last of it were equipped with the 20V turbo motor and
t*rsen diffs.  Some of the European press are still praising
that as the ultimate Q, and lamenting its demise.  The last of
the urQs are said to be dramatically different than the earlier
examples, in better build quality and better driveability.

It's unfortunate that we did not see the 20V urQs on our shores.

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