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Upsizing wheels/tires on 93 90CS

Hi All,

I have recently acquired a new addition to the family, a 1993 90CS (non
Q).  I really debated about buying another Audi that was a non Quattro,
but for the price it will make a nice run about.  

I want to dress this car up a bit and thought the wheels deserve
attention first.  Sorry, I haven't paid much attention on the list to
posts about the 90's, so I'm not too familiar with this car.

The car currently has the 15" flat face alloys, 4 x 108 bolt pattern,
37mm offset with 195/65/15 tires.  I have seen another 93-95 90S that
had 16" wheels with 225/50/16 tires.  Is this a difficult fit?  Doing
the calculations for size, it should work if the offset is correct.  Is
anyone out there running this setup?  What wheels are available
(probably not many because of the bolt pattern)?  Another calculated
size is 225/45/17 that should fit very close.  I have 45 series tires on
another car and the ride is not too impressive, but they look sooo
nice.  Let me know what options are available.

Thanks lots!!