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Re: Faulty Fuel Pump

Andrew Pawlisz wrote:
> The fuel pump on my 88 5KQ has that telltale buzzing sound indicating and iminent failure.  Right now, I am scrambling to get it replaced ASAP.  I understand that (archive info) fuel pumps have tendency to burst into tiny metal particles that get through filters and wreac havoc with the fuel system ($$$).  I also understand (archives) that fuel pumps have unnaturally short life span. Is that true? What is a good price and a source for a fuel pump? Can I fix the old one by removing/ cleaning the
> Thanks
> Andrew
> Boston, MA
Just went thru exercise of replacing failing fuel pump on 1987 5KCSTQ.
(162K miles)Pump was original but strainer mesh on bottom of pump had
already been removed (as per Tech. Serv. Bulletin).
There were two clear signs of imminent failure:
1.- The usual "buzzing" noise increases substantially to a louder hum
which cuts in an out without any given pattern. If switched off it
normalizes for  a short period of time, but returns to High level
"buzzing" shortly later.
2.- Under heavy acceleration (high fuel demand) the engine stumbles from
an apprently lean condition.
I replaced mine with an equal Bosch pump. Work is not difficult but in
winter gasoline temp. inside tank is an issue.
I strongly recommend siphoning the tank to 1/8 level because your hands
will gave to go in. Glove of fuel proof quality is a must.
Pricing for me at Carlsen was best and it includes check valve. Crush
washers new a must.
Good Luck