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Re: So... my Audi just went dead...

Replacing the fuel filter can't be a bad idea. Try it. Dump it out backwards
when you do and see if the gas is brown. If it is, your filter was at least
dirty and it was a good idea to change it. Filters are cheap and easy to change,
so why not. If it's not the filter, it's probably the pump. Check the fuel flow
rate as per Bentley.
    Good luck!

Tomas Gardström (ECS) wrote:

> This is exactly what I tried yesterday. When I jumped the relay a small
> momentaneous squirt of fuel came from the injector (the "click" sound was
> the injectors opening! never noticed before...) but then the injector closed
> and no more fuel came out, no matter the position of the air sensor plate.
> It seems that the pressure is to low in the system; what is the most likely
> cause? Clogged filter? Defect valve in the return line to the fuel tank? Bad
> fuel pump? Is it likely for the pump to fail partly? The pump sounds louder
> than before (I think, at least the sound is not smooth and even), but can
> that just be an  indication of a clogged filter? I don't have all my service
> notes at hand for the moment but I think that the filter has been in there
> for about 35000 km (Oouch!).
> If it can be important: The last months the engine have had somewhat rough
> idle when warm. Also, when running between 1000 and 2000 r/min it sometimes
> missed a stroke or two. This behavior caused me to change the ignition
> distributor and rotor, but maybe it was some other problem from the start.
> When the car went dead I had driven it for about 6 km from cold start so it
> was just about to get warm.
> Thanks so far...
> /Tomas
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> > From: Wm. Josiah Erikson [mailto:werikson@hampshire.edu]
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> > The real way to test the fuel supply would be to jump the fuel pump
> > relay, pull an injector, and pull that air sensor plate up. The injector
> > should squirt fuel in a fairly even, roughly cone-shaped pattern. It's
> > never perfect like it says it should be in the manual, but it shouldn't
> > be terrible.
> >     -Josiah
> >     '84 GTI
> >     '87 QSW
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> > Tomas Gardström (ECS) wrote:
> > >
> > > Thinking it was a fuel supply problem I bridged the fuel pump relay and
> > > listened to the fuel pump roaring. It didn't sound well but every time I
> > > started it I heard a distinct "click" somewhere in the engine
> compartment
> > > that I suggest is some kind of pressure regulator sounding, right/wrong?
> > > After the "click" the fuel pump sound changed a little. Anyway, I think
> that
> > > the fuel pump works OK, but what is the best way of assuring this?
> > >