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Re: S4 timing belt change-share my experience

Takes only seconds to get the bumper off my 5kcstq. Makes it a lot
easier to get at things. Taking the grill and intercooler off however is
not needed.

Arun Rao wrote:
> Scott Bermes wrote:
> > [..] those of you not familiar, they need to take the front bumper and
> > radiator off to get to the area to change the water pump [..]
> That reminds me ... the prescribed procedure for my '91 200Q is much the
> same, so I was really amazed when I saw my mechanic change the timing
> belt, idler and water pump *without* removing the bumper, grille and
> intercooler! If I remember right, he charged me for two hours of labor.
> Good thing I had him do it ... it took me a lot longer when I did it on my
> 5KT!
> -Arun