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RE: 2wd quattro

I said;
> Mike said;
> 	>  was thinking that if I took the prop off and locked the center
> diff 
> 	that I could drive the ten mile round trip with little trouble?
> 	This is why it's paramount to check the function of the diff locks 
> 	before buying a Q.  The only time I've tried/run across this is when
> 	testing a 4000Q.  It drove and ran fine and finally I locked the
> diffs 
> 	for a test and the car would not move, either with one diff locked
> or 
> 	both.  Very odd I thought, looked underneath and no prop shaft!  So
> I'm 
> 	not sure why you'd have to lock the center diff, but this example
> drove 
> 	fine with no proshaft.
> Unless the 4000 quattro system is different than a 5000 (and it may well
> be;  this is Audi after all), I'm thinking your example above was a car
> that had the center diff locked _regardless_ of diff lock switch position.
Correction.  Front diff was locked in the unlocked position...