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RE: 5ktq Problems

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Lewis, Gary M wrote:

> Good work there...


> Third gear is typically where the car will see the highest boost.  Remember,
> the stock boost guage reads low.  1.1 bar may well be 1.2-1.3...

	Nope. It really isn't building boost.  Even on a long hill in 3rd
it reads Maybe 1.1 if you are lucky.  I used to see 1.3 and even 1.4
"once" in my friends Stock 5ktq.  And it felt WAY faster than this.  This
car is slow.  And according to Scott Mockery the gauge is semi-accurate
except it can only read to 1.3 or 1.4 and not say 1.34 but that it is slow
to react so it is usually 0.1 behind the ball but a long uphill may let it
catch up.  Anyhow, I know there is little boost to no boost.

> Replace the WOT switch.  They almost always fail.  The continuity test is
> far from reliable.  If the WOT has more than 75km or 5 years I'd replace it.
> It is only $45 from Linda, and it will save you a bunch of aggravation
> tracking down intake air temp sensors and WGFV's.  Try that first.

	His mechanic "said" he replaced it a few months ago but I'll look
at it again.  I'll check scotts page to see how to tell if its new.
> Yea, I betcha it is an early 1986 w/ no bilevel switch.  I replaced 2 (count
> 'em, 2) ECC head units til if found one that didn't do what you describe.
> Grab one out of a junk yard.  Cheap and easy, just find one that works...

	Nope, late 87' with Bi-Level.  This BI-Lev appears to work.  But,
do you still think it is the head?  Do you HAVE to have one with the
Bi-Lev or are they interchangeable.  Can you upgrade an 86' to the Bi-Lev

> Frankly I'm impressed at your knowledge of the 5ktq.  I only know the little
> I do because of ownership.  Keep up the good work...

	Thanks.  I just know what I have read on the list and heard from
my friend that has one.  Luckily he has had no real problems though.