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Re: 5ktq Problems


>1) Rear Right Caliper seems to be freezing when E-Brake is used it wont
>release.  Does it need a rebuild or will a bleed help?  I'm not used to
>REar Caliper problems

Probably a rusted e-brake cable.  When it is stuck reach under and
tug on the e-brake cable by the caliper.  It should release.  I tugged
on mine so often that the cable broke.  It rusted from the inside out.
Looked like a snake that just ate a rat.

>2) No BOOST.

Probably WOT switch.  Mine tested fine but only replacing it did the

>3)Heater will only blow HOt air.  All buttons appear to work right.
>Defrost / econ / auto etc all do their thing.  BUT, no cool air will come
>out when you turn temp down.  ANy ideas?

When you go from hot to cold do you hear an electric motor working
behind the glove box.  This is the motor moving, or in your case not
moving, the heater control flap.  Apparently the gear on the motor
strips although I have not personally had this problem.


Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 276K Miles