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RE: Power on way before the apex

do you have to apply power early to cope with the understeer of your
ur-quattro?  i fail to see what applying power early does to help with
understeer on the early cars, other than to give you more push.  the rule
with the early quattro's was always slow in, fast out.  it certainly worked
well enough on my old wr.

also, you most certainly don't have to do this in a 20v ur-q on the road.
does it understeer?  barely.  the point of the article in "evo" magazine was
that the 20v ur-q allows you to apply power early, not because of
understeer, but because of it's ability to gain traction.  you can carry
more speed through the corner without understeer scrubbing it all away.
there is less understeer in my rr than in my rs2, and less in the rs2 which
is better than my old s2 which was better than my old wr.  so in my
practical driving experience it's got little to do with the engine location
and more to do with chassis setup, and design objectives.

with the early ur-quattro cars, and also btw, with some subaru's i've driven
(the impreza sti comes to mind, but not the rs twin turbo), you are also
constrained by turbo lag as to when you apply power.  you apply the power
early timing the arrival of boost for the apex, rather than to cope with the
understeer.  (lf braking helps here as well).  again, due to the much better
engine response in the 20v ur-q, or the mb either you don't have to do this.

rallying?  well that's different.  as in the last group "b" days, there
would be little chance of audi success without major changes, but perhaps a
longitudinal v6 might be a starter.  but anyway, given the 500k usd per car
which the current participants spend (for example, ford buys it's gearboxes
for >$100k usd from xrtac), not to mention the copious amount having to be
spent on r&d, success in this formula has nothing to do with the cars you
purchase.  other than the name.  perhaps in the early group "a" days this
was so (heck didn't audi win the safari with a 200q piloted by walter
rohrl?), but this hasn't been true for a long, long time now.  audi has long
given up on rallying, and vw is using seat and skoda as the rally arm of the
empire now.  seat seems to be doing quite well in point of fact.

better than group "b"?  it is for me!  state of the art?  absolutely, in all
but engines it has my vote over all other forms of motorsport.  still can't
beat the scream of a ferrari v12 3.5litre @17,000rpm, of the rooster tail of
a 1.5l v6tt dumping fuel on overrun when putting out >1,100hp.  sigh....

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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	Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 15:15:39 -0500
	From: Michael Zamikhovsky <MikeZ755@sprintmail.com>
	Subject: Re: Power on way before the apex (was Re: "evo")

	Jason Palmer wrote:

	> At the last driver's school I attended, I realized I was not just
	> the power way before any of the other non-q's, but I was on the
	> 2 _corners_ before the B and P cars on the 'back' section.
	> _________________________________________________________

	In a nose heavy car like Quattro you have to do it way way  before
	other cars, otherwise you will fall a victum of understeer. In my
	favorite car I can punch it much later and still get the same result
	in my Quattro. Compared to other AWD cars of modern days Q  is much
	difficult to drive in their current layout. Hence very fiew
	Quattros in rally these days.

	Mike Z