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Re: Shop charges...

Sleezy is the word!  The dealer here does this and on small jobs it can be
close to 10%!  Wait.  Have you seen the "environmental charge" yet?  Trust
me.  You will.  This adds $$.  I've even seen this at the U-pull type
yards.  That $5 part that you take up to the counter had better be dry (no
oil, anti-freeze, PS fluid, etc.) or there may be a $5-$10 fee added on top
of the cost of the part!

I hate the nickel and dime stuff...

At 05:47 PM 1/26/99 EST, JustaxPHX@aol.com wrote:
>I don't know about other people but the one thing I can't stand about having
>my car worked on by a shop is being charged a separate fee for "shop
>supplies."  Around here (Phoenix, AZ), this generally runs from 3 to 5
>of the labor charge and in my opinion, it's nothing but a sleazy, slimy
way to
>increase the bottom line on a job.
>Does a restaurant charge you extra for putting salt and pepper shakers and a
>bottle of ketchup on the table?  Does your tax return preparer charge extra
>for the toner and paper used to print your tax returns?  Does a taxi driver
>charge you an extra fee over-and-above the per-mile charge for wear and tear
>put on his cab?  At $85 per hour, the rate charged by our local Audi dealer,
>it's unconscionable to charge an extra 5 percent for a dab or two of
grease, a
>couple of tie-wraps and three or four spritzes of brake cleaner!
>Unfortunately, it seems that even the independent shops have picked up on
>as well ... what's next?  An extra charge to cover the cost of cleaning the
>mechanic's uniform because he got dirty while working on your car?  I'd much
>rather see them raise their hourly rate and be honest about this than play
>hide-and-seek with the surchages ... Mr. & Mrs. Six-pack might not know any
>better but I do and it pisses me off, big-time.
>(Gee ... looks like I'm having a bad day, huh?)