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4000 V8Q & Thanks!

I would like to thank everyone for responding to my V8 questions and
requests.. especially Mark, Steve, Andy, Frank and everyone else! Oh..
cant forget Ben Howell either!

I think all of my questions are answered FOR NOW! :o)
I determined that I will go ahead with the project as soon as the air
gets just a little warmer out...
I also determined that my  4000Q wouldnt make a good donor car, it took
me two years to get it just the way I want it, so Im not going to mess
with it! So now Im on the hunt for a later (86-87) 4000Q with a body
that needs basically nothing. White is first choice (Audi sport colors
of course!) but will consider any car that fits the bill. (preferably
with no engine!)  Im in CT and will travel a reasonable distance for a
good one if the price is right.

Thanks again all, I appreciate it, and Im SURE Ill have many more
questions before I take it out for a ride!