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Re: Shop charges...and other charges

>Lets not stop there, how come I have to pay a dealer to deliver my new car,
>clean my new car and pay administration fee so someone can write up the
>order for my new car.

Get this: Back in '87, I had a friend buy a brand new Mustang to race in the
SCCA's Showroom Stock series.  He didn't plan to license it and was going to
pick it up at the dealer with a trailer.  As such, he told the dealer that all
he wanted was a receipt since the Arizona DMV wouldn't issue him a title
without him paying at least one year of registration and that would have
needlessly cost him another $500 ... incredibly, the dealer refused to waive
the $99 doc fee and ended up losing the sale to another dealer, in a
neighboring state, who had no problem with doing this.

>I would think that these costs should come out of his
>profit from selling me the car. My tailor never asks me if I would my new
>suit cleaned and pressed before I pick it up. So what is  with car dealers
>or us for allowing this to happen

Petty as it may sound, this sort of treatment is yet another reason why I will
NEVER, EVER buy a new car, no matter how much money I make or have.  In fact,
I've even sworn off buying used cars from a dealer, too.  They screwed things
up royally (apologies to Paul!) the last time I did that and it was four
months before I had plates on the car ... they only agreed to refund the $160
doc fee after I filed suit against them in justice court and I was tempted to
hold out for more, if only to make a point.  Unfortunately, on that occasion,
pragmatism won out over idealism and I withdrew the suit...


  That and being cheap, of course...  ;^)