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Re: "evo" magazine ur-quattro articles

	In Europe it went through 3 generations. Around 86' somewhere,
when we lost it, they got the MB version which used a motor much like our
MC motor from the 5ktq.  Then in like 90' they were going to discontinue
it with the intro of the S2 but customer demand I guess made them decide
to produce a 20v turbo version for 2? years.  I think it was 90' AND 91'
but I could be wrong.  That car had lighter Control Arms and Suspension
and thus handled better than Previous cars i guess.  Best UR-Q ever.
	Jeesh, you own one and done know that.  Somebody give this boy a
ur-q book to read.  My advice, run right out and buy a book on Audi's. :-)
Thats what I did when I got mine. :-)
	Well, time for me to shut up and drive.  L8R


        this is confusing... how can there be a '90 urq?
        i figure a 20v conversion is possible for a "20v
        urq" but i thought there was just one set of turbo
        quattro coupes (the urq, as i understand it) and
        these were in the mid 80's.  perhaps they kept on
        making and selling urq's in europe post-'86?  

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